titel / New website
datum / 31 Dec 2018
Thank you for visiting my website, it has served me and my work well since 2008.
Unfortunately I cannot change the date any further than 2018. This means I have stopped using the news section.

A new website is in the making, for news you can follow me on Instagram.
titel / Studio fludd and alysi
datum / 30 Dec 2018
A presentation of my work for Colour unknown, a series of exhibitions curated by Studiofludd for Alysi in the beautiful Alysi Garden House in Milan. Opening event Wednesday 20 March 2019 at 18.30 Via Tortona 12 Milano
Houseplant in Alysi textile ( #2 ), collage 2019

titel / How to do the Flowers, Act 2 / Rehearsal 1
datum / 30 Dec 2018
Opening March 27, 2019
Exhibition March 28 - April 27, 2019
The Ravestijn Gallery Amsterdam, in cooperation with Claudio Composti and Ncontemporary, are proud to present How to do the Flowers, Act 2 / Rehearsal 1, a solo show by Dutch artist Ruth van Beek at Ncontemporary Project Room in Milan.

In a series of exhibitions Ruth investigates the role of her latest artist book How to do the Flowers as a manual, connector and generator for new work. Hereby bringing the viewer closer to the origins of her work. The same risks will be taken as in the artist’s studio. Circumstances are created in which playing, searching, intuition and humour can play the leading role.
The startingpoint for this second exhibition in the series, will be the large format collage Rehearsal 1 and the book How to do the Flowers. What happens when these two works are brought together in one room? Can the book function as a script for the figures in the collages, transforming them into actors? What arrangements can be made? What new scenes will appear? In the presentation the walls will become the stage and a group of works from different times will be brought together.
titel / a ppr oc he
datum / 08 Nov 2018
14 contemporary approches to the photography medium will be shown over the 4 days period of Paris’ international photography event. Connoisseurs and collectors will be invited, by reservation only, in the intimacy of a private mansion of Paris’ first arrondisement.


40 Rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris
Reservations via the website:

For the exhibition How to do the flowers, Act 1, Ruth uses her latest book as a counselor. In this extensive manual book you can see hands showing us how to do things. By focussing on the action and letting go of the original context, Van Beek stimulates the imagination and with that the inconvenience of the viewer. Passive human hands are animated and become activators of the silent objects. Their touching, pinching and caring they help the viewer in their understanding of the material. Objects become characters and abstract forms come to life. Hundreds of images and try-outs for collages come together on the pages in unexpected combinations. They provide the viewer with context for the collages, reveal the underlying work process and at the same time compose a personal guide for making new work.
The title “How to do the flowers” refers to the origin of large parts of the archive. Books about housekeeping, books that explain to us how to live, how to do the garden, arrange flowers, or hang the curtains. It is a question and at the same time a constraint. This way and no other way should it be done. A compelling guideline, doomed to be violated and therefore produce failures.
In this presentation the walls will be the stage and different images will be brought together. The same risks will be taken as in the artist’s studio. Circumstances are created in which playing, searching, intuition and humor can play the leading role. Levitators come together with dramatic flower arrangements and houseplants covered with snow. Pink figures dance with flowers and black and white ladies hang from the ceiling like green beans.

Peach covered with snow 2014 Collage with archival photo and white paper, unique piece 7 x 8,5 cm / framed 17,6 x 19,8 cm

titel / vancouver art book fair
datum / 21 Oct 2018
Artist talk during the Vancouver Art Book Fair at the Emily Carr University.

titel / RIOT
datum / 13 Sep 2018
How To Do The Flowers
exhibition and booklaunch.
t/m 24 November

Dendermondsestwg 80, Ghent
Monday–friday: 10:00—18:00
Saturday: 11:00—16:00
and by appointment

+32 9 223 39 53
exhibition view

titel / how to do the flowers
datum / 10 Sep 2018

How To Do The Flowers
15,5 × 21 cm, 508 p, ills colour / b&w, paperback
ISBN 9789490800871
design: 6′56″
co-published with Dashwood Books (NY)
edition of 1500

September 2018

The repetition of images, visual sequences, accidental similarities and free associations form the alphabet of a mysterious language. Starting from her archive, Ruth van Beek makes collages and books. The images from this archive are constantly conversing with one another.
A large part of the image archive finds its origin in old manuals. Books that are made as a tool, as an advisor for everyday occupations. The images mainly show hands that demonstrate how something is supposed to be done. Hands that dig in the earth, that make dolls, that arrange flowers, that cook. All sorts of daily actions pass by.
By focusing on the action and detaching from the original context, van Beek encourages imagination, thereby provoking un-comfortable and uneasy feelings: passive human hands become animated, objects become characters and abstract shapes come to life. Hundreds of images and tests from van Beeks image archive come together. They show a method and create, in turn, a manual for creating new work.

With the financial support of Mondriaan Fund.

available at https://artpapereditions.org/

datum / 20 Jul 2018
Printed Matter presents a survey of artist editions and publications produced by Shannon Michael Cane (1974-2017). Joining Printed Matter’s staff in 2007 and starting as Fairs & Editions Curator in 2013, Shannon was the driving force behind a huge number of projects with the organization, including the realization of more than 60 editioned artworks and publications from high-profile and emerging artists alike.

With a keen eye for detail, extensive production knowhow and a penchant for bold colors, Shannon worked closely with artists to conceptualize and produce new works in multiple format. Through an often collaborative process, he encouraged artists to push the boundaries of their practice and embrace new materials, experiment with multiple processes, produce work in variable format, and to collaborate with other artists. The outcome is a significant body of works which spans all types of media; silkscreens, giclée prints, c-prints, repurposed readymades, and other sculptural objects.

Shanzini: Shannon Michael Cane and Printed Matter is on view July 12 - September 2. Please join us for an opening reception on Friday, July 20, 6-9PM.
25% of Edition sales through September 2nd will be contributed to the Shannon Michael Cane Fund, supporting future projects carried out in Shannon's name.

Contributing Artists: ALBUM, Erica Baum, Katherine Bernhardt, Walead Beshty, Melanie Bonajo, Iñaki Bonillas, Sigrid Calon, Eric Timothy Carlson, Matt Connors, Sarah Crowner, Sara Cwynar, Alex Da Corte, Jeremy Deller, Cali Thornhill Dewitt, Jim Drain, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Charlotte Dumas, Shannon Ebner, Jason Evans, Sam Falls, Edie Fake, Ryan Foerster, Brendan Fowler & Andrea Longacre-White, Jill Freedman, Wade Guyton, James Hoff, Jonathan Horowitz, Dorothy Iannone, Ken Kagami, Misaki Kawai, Emma Kohlmann, Andrew Kuo, Pierre Le Hors, Patrick Lee, Linder, Israel Lund, Alasdair McLellan & M/M Paris, Thomas Mailaender, Stefan Marx & Sun Foot, Mike Mills & Experimental Jetset, Laura Owens, Paper Rad, Parra, Walter Pfeiffer, prvtdncr & bodega vendetta, Nick Relph, Sterling Ruby, Allen Ruppersberg, Tamara Santibañez, David Benjamin Sherry, Peter Shire & Ricky Swallow, Roger Steffens, John Stezaker, Peter Sutherland, Mungo Thomson, Ruth van Beek, The Estate of Karlheinz Weinberger, Letha Wilson, The Estate of David Wojnarowicz

In the edition print Conversation 1, two Japanese flower arrangements are brought together on the page. The rotated silhouettes become characters in a fictional meeting, their branches scanning each other, nearly touching, the words of their conversation visualized in ink.

titel / PHotoESPAÑA
datum / 06 Jun 2018
Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop.
Drawing from a phrase in Alice in Wonderland, this exhibition explores players and playfulness in contemporary photography. The curator Hester Keijser has chosen twelve artists because of the elaborated playfulness in their work or their willingness to accept challenges that expand their creative capacity.
Two teams (one Swiss and the other Dutch) have been formed with six players on each. The exhibition features a selection of videos by Roman Signer that mark the midpoint of the playing field. The visitors will be able to place an un-vote for the un-winning team, but without knowing for which team they are casting their un-vote.
The exhibition will present a selection of videos, installation works, a conceptual piece, a site-specific assemblage, a spoken word performance, stop-motion videos, anamorphic prints and photo-based embroideries, as well as experimental Polaroid prints based children´s colouring tools. Thank you! You’ve reached the end. Now stop.

List of participants:
Anne Geene, Isabelle Wenzel, Jan van der Til,
Lana Mesic, Ruth van Beek, Uta Eisenreich,
Augustin Rebetez, Ester Vonplon, Magdalena Baranya, Rachele Maistrello, Stéphane Winter,
Roman Signer, Shirana Shahbazi feat. Veli & Amos

CentroCentro Cibeles

titel / concealer
datum / 18 May 2018
Copeland Gallery Peckham, London, UK

Groupshow: May 18 - 20, 2018

Concealer, curated by Toim Lovelace, presents the work of five contemporary artists working with photography, photo collage and video. Significantly the artists in Concealer seemingly turn their backs on conventional photographic representation and instead choose to explore, create and build new abstract languages and visual systems. The artworks on display either bear little resemblance to our recognisable visual world or actively attempt to obfuscate through different strategies of abstraction. In a time when the potency of the photographic image as a fast, digital carrier of information continues to rise and proliferate, the artworks that form Concealer, drawn from Mexico, America, the Netherlands and the UK, intentionally conceal rather than reveal.

Participating artists: Hannah Hughes, Anouk Kruithof, Ben McDonnell, Penelope Umbrico and Ruth van Beek.
Untitled (New Arrangements), 2014 Untitled ( figure 8) 2017

titel / The Eye is the centre / magnify me
datum / 21 Apr 2018
group exhibition curated by Anke Roder
21 april - 15 juli 2018
De Ketelfactory, Schiedam
Untitled ( The Arrangement ) 2012

titel / the play
datum / 21 Apr 2018
Capture Photography Festival, Sapperton Park, Westminster, Canada

April 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019

For this site-specific installation at Sapperton Park, van Beek pulls from photographs found in instructional manuals for children’s toys. Here, a set of child’s hands are surrogates for the artist’s own hands, shown animating a collection of abstract painted shapes. Like the hands of a giant, these fingers initiate a playful exchange between the physical and temporal space of the rudimentary toy construction sets in the original photographs and the colourful, faceless characters who now fill the frame of the work.
The Play is curated by Jeff Khonsary for New Documents, which published Ruth' book The Cast in 2017.

titel / spbh ten questions
datum / 25 Mar 2018
My work featured on Self Publish Be Happy.

titel / it's nice that
datum / 25 Feb 2018
my work featured on It's Nice That

titel / unseen Amsterdam
datum / 21 Sep 2017


Fri 22 Sep 2017 - Sun 24 Sep 2017

The Ravestijn Gallery presents new works from two of its artists at UNSEEN Amsterdam: Ruth van Beek and Nico Krijno. Both artists’ preoccupations lie with the possibility of making a truly new image. They question the connotations of surface and meaning by engaging their images in unexpected conversations, both poetic and full of humour. Whereas Van Beek assembles her images from her archive and new images appear within the arranged encounter of archival footage, Krijno manipulates his images digitally and leaves room for the messy, as to purposefully leave room for the accident from which new images come forth. By presenting these artists’ works side by side at Unseen Amsterdam 2017, The Ravestijn Gallery provides an aesthetically appealing insight into the status of image making and the ever vigorous inventiveness of photography.

For more information or to receive an exposé please contact the gallery.

Title: Ruth van Beek / Untitled (two figures in a purple room) 2017 Print size: 20,5 x 27 cm Unique piece Collage with archival inkjet print and painted paper, wood frame with museumglass

Nico Krijno / Sculpture Study with Burnt Wood, 2016 Print size: 51,1 x 59,3 cm / framed 52,4 x 60,7 cm Edition of 5 Inkjet print on photorag paper, Amazakoë wood frame with optiwhite glass

titel / white dog blue ribbon
datum / 23 Jun 2017
Solo show
Ame-Nu | Art Space
Schaarsteinwegsbrücke 2,
20459 Hamburg, Germany
23.06.2017 - 9.07.2017
Vernisage Friday 23th June at 19.00

The exhibition “white dog, blue ribbon” by the Dutch artist Ruth van Beek consists of a variety of poses, a meeting place for figures facing one another, a salon which one enters and where, visibly, a conversation is taking place.

Ruth van Beek shows individuals and the relationship among them. Midway between genre painting, group portrait and installation, this informal circle is an invitation to share discreetly in what we recognize as an interview, discussion, negotiation or sacra conversazione to which they are listening so attentively. A composition in which all the fragments (whether abstract or figurative) of collected images (collages, paintings, drawings, photographs, furnishings, etc) influence the space they occupy.

In the basement gallery, Ruth van Beek turns the space into a metaphor for the unconscious. A place between life and death, wakefulness and sleep. Around the central figure of the sleeping rock with feet, shaped like a body, statues from ancient history, animals, plants, rocks, dolls and masks appear to be attending a ceremonial gathering. A large-format storytelling map, made from archive images of motionless objects.

titel / cats & dogs
datum / 05 Jun 2017
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
Groupshow: May 2017 - March 2018

Cats & Dogs aims to reflect the encounter between life, art and the two favorite yet somewhat conflicting animal partners of people. The selection of objects will incorporate sculptures of cats from ancient Egypt, together with 1500 year old Mexican ceramic Colima dogs, Classic 19th century portraits next to modern paintings by artists such as Gino Severinni and Kees Van Dongen and many more. The eclectic selection of photography, video, and specially commissioned installations will reflect the binary- but mostly human- distinction between these two animals through a wide range of cultural representations.
Untitled ( The Levitators, 19 ) 2012 - 2013

datum / 20 May 2017
Under the influence of the sun, moon and wind, sea levels can sometimes rise much higher than normal. This is referred to as a spring tide. Willem van Zoetendaal sees this natural phenomenon as symbolising his encounter with the millions of negatives, contact sheets and prints in the Collection of the Nederlands Fotomuseum. Anyone embarking on an exploration of this ocean of images will discover unexpected treasures, often throwing new light on the history of photography.

Exercising his expert eye for the beauties of photography, guest curator Willem van Zoetendaal will introduce us to over 200 photographs from the Collection in their original form: that is, directly printed from the negatives. Many of the photographs in the exhibition are well-known in cropped versions but are now being shown for the first time in their entirety. Van Zoetendaal demonstrates that a great deal of information about the photographer’s vision and approach can lie in precisely those apparently insignificant and casual details that cropping tends to eliminate.

Van Zoetendaal will reveal the continuing relevance of the photographs in the museum collection by complementing them with contemporary photographs. The combination produces unexpected links and parallels between past and present. For example, the fact that photographers - then as now - were attracted by motifs like solitary trees, moonlight or reflections in water.

Participating photographers
From the Collection: Katharina Eleonore Behrend, Paul Citroen, Cobie Douma, Bernard F. Eilers, Wally Elenbaas, Ed van der Elsken, Kees Hana, Esther Kroon, Cas Oorthuys, Frits J. Rotgans, Paul Schuitema, Paul Steenhuizen, Richard Tepe and Piet Zwart.
Contemporary photographers: Céline van Balen, Ruth van Beek, Holger Niehaus, Arjan de Nooy, Diana Scherer, Otto Snoek and Harold Strak.


titel / conversation 1 printed matter fundraising edition
datum / 23 Feb 2017
Printed Matter invited me to make a fundraising edition fro the LAABF 2017.
Printed Matter presents new limited-edition artworks by Ricky Swallow & Peter Shire, Ruth van Beek and Mike Mills & Experimental Jetset. Purchase of these editions directly support the Book Fair, helping to ensure the event remains free.
In the edition print Conversation 1, two Japanese flower arrangements are brought together on the page. The rotated silhouettes become characters in a fictional meeting, their branches scanning each other, nearly touching, the words of their conversation visualized in ink.

titel / The cast
datum / 20 Feb 2017
Happy to announce my new book The Cast. A book with a selection of figures from my work from 2009 until 2016

published by NewDocuments

22 × 30 cm
40 pages, Soft Cover w/ Jacket
ISBN: 978-1-927354-26-1
First Edition (2017)

Shipping March 2017

titel / The situation room
datum / 17 Dec 2016
The Situation Room is the title of my upcoming solo exhibition at The Ravestijn Gallery.

The images included in Ruth van Beek’s archive are constantly engaging in conversation. Repetition, rhyme, coincidences and parallels form the alphabet of an obscure language. Van Beek rearranges the pictures to create brand new images, but emphasizes the conversations between them. The same goes for van Beek’s upcoming solo exhibition at The Ravestijn Gallery, in which the grotesque figures that populate “the situation room” converse with one another. They are part of a scene, react to the room as if they were a Greek chorus, or confront the viewer directly. Van Beek subtlety transforms the exhibition space into an exuberant and ominous carnival. Abstract shapes are brought to life and make for a cast of exaggerated characters, turning the entire room into a masquerade.

Opening December 17th.

The Ravestijn Gallery
Westerdoksdijk 603-A
1013 BX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T: 00 31 (0)20-5306000
E: info@theravestijngallery.com

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday 12:00 - 17:00
The Situation Room (Chorus), 2016 Print size: Image size 60 x 85 cm / framed 63 x 88 cm Unique piece, Collage with archival inkjet and painted paper

The Messenger, 2016 Collage with page from book and paper painted black with indian ink size: 24 x 32 cm

titel / New Book: The Levitators
datum / 15 Sep 2016
The Levitators are a species of animals that originated from images of domestic dogs. Seeing these pets, now bred in all possible shapes and forms, it is hard to believe that they descend from wild animals. In the photos they pose patiently for the camera of their owner, looking their best, tails wagging. To bring the dogs back to life, Ruth van Beek cuts and fold the images. Through this process of animation and fixattion many things go awry. In her attempt to make the dogs fly, they gradually loose their original dog-shape, transforming into fluffy objects, unsuccessful animals. Thus through this uncertainty they become moldable and open to new interpretations.

Published by RVB BOOKS in Paris
Design: Xavier Fernandez Fuentes

Soft cover
74 pages
37 collages
Metallic spiral binding
ISBN: 979-10-90306-53-0

Price : 25 €


titel / Photography Extended III
datum / 09 Feb 2016
a selection of my work is part of the group show Photography Extended III, t/m 8 May at Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen.

Sunday the 14th of February 15.00

With works by:

Ruth van Beek, Kim Boske, Popel Coumou, Femke Dekkers, Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Csilla Klenyánszki, Juul Kraijer, Diana Scherer, Marleen Sleeuwits, Isabelle Wenzel, Manon Wertenbroek en Jacquie Maria Wessels.

titel / the levitators at unseen
datum / 17 Sep 2015
For the first time the original works from The Levitators will be exhibited at
The Ravenstijn Gallery during Unseen Photo Fair.

Fri 18 Sep 2015 - Sun 20 Sep 2015

The Ravestijn Gallery will present new works by Nico Krijno, Ruth van Beek, Darren Harvey-Regan and Marie-José Jongerius


Untitled ( The Levitators, 20 ) 2012 - 2013

titel / interview american suburb x
datum / 16 Sep 2015
Brad Feuerhelm interviewed me, read it at the ASX website:

"For me the attraction of photography has always been very attached to it’s physical appearance…the old analogue album photo, a pass photo in a wallet, a damaged picture found on the street. The combination of what is on the image and the shape that it is in provides the image with an important extra layer of drama."

titel / PRINT, curated by sigrid calon
datum / 27 Jun 2015
Saturday 27 June 16:00 - Sunday 27 September

PRINT is a cross-disciplinary exhibition featuring artists who are fascinated by work on paper. It is a (broad) presentation and at the same time an inquiry into the use of print and digital techniques in different media.

A small limited edition publication will be printed to accompany this show.

more information:

WOW Amsterdam
Wiltzanghlaan 60
1061 HC Amsterdam
(+31) 20 705 94 00

titel / The Pistil's waltz
datum / 30 May 2015
Groupshow at Gallery Fifty One in Antwerp


Daido Moriyama - Nobuyoshi Araki - William Klein - Friederike von Rauch - Malick Sidibe - Seydou Keita - Jacques Sonck - Bruno V. Roels - Patrick Robyn - ARPAÏS du bois - Masao Yamamoto - Stephan Vanfleteren- Harry Gruyaert - André Kertész - Ruth Van Beek - Saul Leiter - Michael Wolf - Tom Butler - Jan Yoors - Vivian Maier - Annie Kevans - Frank Horvat - Horst P. Horst - Robert Mapplethorpe - Irving Penn - Virginia Chihota - Patti Smith

The Pistil's waltz
Opening: May 30th 2015
from 1 until 6 pm
Show: June 2nd - July 18th 2015

Zirkstraat 20
2000 Antwerp-Belgium
T: +32(0)3 289 84 58
F: +32(0)3 289 84 59
E: info@gallery51.com

titel / METAMORPHOSIS-flowers gallery
datum / 22 May 2015

Flowers Gallery London

22 MAY - 20 JUNE 2015


Defined as a process of transformation,
Metamorphosis presents the work of three artists who explore the possibilities for evolution within the photographic medium.
Images are interfered with, fragmented, punctured, spliced and sewn - undergoing a compositional and physical change. The exhibition looks at their varied and expansive processes, from the ‘in-camera’ light based and systematic interventions of Hannah Whitaker, to the hybrid collage works of Ruth van Beek, and the embroidered and embellished found photography of Julie Cockburn. The artists are linked by their manipulative artistic strategies, their material experimentation, and by the sense of alchemic exploration that occurs in their photographs.

82 Kingsland Road London E2 8DP
T: +44 (0)20 7920 7777 F: +44 (0)20 7920 7770
info@flowersgallery.com www.flowersgallery.com
Untitled ( The Arrangement ), 2012 collage, framed 33 x 39 cm

titel / photo london
datum / 20 May 2015
The Ravestijn Gallery will be at Photo London, Somerset House 21 - 24 may 2015, Preview day 20 may

works by:


Rehearsal 1, 2014 Archival ink on Hahnemuhle baryta paper with gouache painted paper cut-outs, framed 81 x 97 cm

titel / the mirror and lamp show
datum / 28 Mar 2015
The Mirror and Lamp Show
Jagtlust, Leeuwenlaan 42 ‘s-Graveland
March 29 – May 3, 2015
opening March 28, 16h00

Two of my works are part of a large group exhibition at the historic country house Jagtlust. Organised by Suns and Stars and Ton de Boer.

"The house, the garden and the former inhabitants are imbued with the Romantic principles. The ideological values of the present owner, Natuurmonumenten, are also derived from Romanticism. The title of the exhibition refers to M.H. Abrams’ book about Romantic Theory and the Critical Tradition. “Until the Romantic era, the mind was like a mirror, reflecting the real world. For the Romantics it was more like a lamp, the light of the artists inner soul poured out to illuminate the world”. Here lies the origin of the conflict caused by Romantic notions of authenticity and artistic genius."

With: Tim Breukers, Ruth van Beek, Caro Bensca, José Miguel Biscaya, Bonno van Doorn, Eli Content, Sibylle Eimermacher, Berndnaut Smilde, Rozemarijn Westerink, Paul de Reus, Richtje Reinsma, Pieter Jan Kerstens, Merijn Bolink, Maartje Folkeringa, Lotte Geeven, Ellen Mandemaker, Linda Nieuwstad, Daniëlle van Ark, Annegret Kellner, Sjoerd Tim, Eva Spierenburg, Gijs Frieling, Roosmarijn Schoonewelle, Ralph de Jongh, Hanna Mattes, Ionika Aalders, Charlott Markus, Lisa Couwenbergh, Micho Dimitrov, Martijn Hesseling, Reinier Lagendijk, Sander van Deurzen, Petra Noordkamp, Antoinette Nausikaä and Lucas Lenglet.

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 13h00 till 18h00
More information: Marjoca de Greef +31 (0)6 16610195 mdg@tondeboer.nl
Untitled ( Artefacten ), 2009

Untitled ( Artefacten ), 2009

titel / out of shape
datum / 28 Jan 2015
The exhibition ‘Out of Shape’ brings together the work of 8 artists who all draw attention to the importance of shape and form. The subject manifests itself in many different ways: There are solid triangles and squares, morphing outlines and silhouettes, peculiar figures and forms. Forms of expectations, or the form that is expected from us . Unruly bended, turned, covered and exposed. In shape or out of shape.

During the exhibition ‘Out of Shape’ the publication by the same name will be launched.

This publication was realized in the Frans Masereel Centrum in Kasterlee (Belgium). During a 5 week residency Polly’s Picture Show worked towards developing a publication that would combine work by 9 artists in a way that values the particularity and individuality of each work. The publication had to be more than a catalogue for a show, it had to be an art piece in itself, and that’s how it found it’s final form of a show in the shape of a box. Each artist contributed to the project by submitting one image of a work. Polly’s Picture Show then looked for the fitting print technique, color, size and paper to reproduce this work in an edition of 50. Like Duchamp’s Boîte-en-valise all works have their own existence in a box/publication which together forms the concept of a show where the works enter into a dialogue.

All the works in the publication are printed and reinterpreted by Polly’s Picture Show in Frans Masereel Centrum.

more information:

titel / houseplants covered with snow & houseplants
datum / 17 Dec 2014
Very happy and proud to announce that I have a new book published by the great Newyork bookstore DashwoodBooks.

500 copies
editing and graphic design by the wonderfull Xavier Fernandez Fuentes!
Available at Dashwood Books:


titel / newyork times
datum / 17 Dec 2014
Leanne Shapton invited me to cover more things with snow for the NewYork Times Style Magazine holiday issue, so I did....

9 things covered with snow


titel / nrc ***
datum / 17 Dec 2014
Rianne van Dijck in het NRC:

"Haar beelden zijn vaak bevreemdend- waar kijken we hier nou eigenlijk naar? Een rare, ballonvormige bubbel op een sokkeltje, een cactus met wel erg scherpe stekels op drie pootjes, een soort appel waar takjes uit lijken te groeien. Maar ze zijn vooral ook speels en kleurrijk - een aanstekelijke fantasiewerkelijkheid waarin we als kijker graag even verdwalen."

titel / The ravestijn gallery
datum / 08 Nov 2014
Sat 08 Nov 2014 - Sat 20 Dec 2014

Very happy to announce my first solo exhibition at The Ravestijn Gallery in Amsterdam.

The Ravestijn gallery is proud to present “New Arrangements”, an exhibition of Ruth van Beek’s kinetic photographic collages. Van Beek combines everyday, found photographs with paint, cutting or folding to inspire a unique dialogue between image and object.


The Ravestijn Gallery
Westerdoksdijk 603-A
1013 BX Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T: 00 31 (0)20-5306000
E: info@theravestijngallery.com
Opening hours
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday 12:00 - 17:00

titel / hunting, Flatland Gallery
datum / 25 Oct 2014
Hunting - the world of intense concentration

Group show with Ruth van Beek, Kim Boske, Harmen Brethouwer, Gioia de Bruijn, Katharine Cooper, Anouk Griffioen, Maartje Korstanje, Jocelyn Lee, Martin Parr, Misha de Ridder, Jaap Scheeren, Josephine Sloet, Cornelie Tollens and Paolo Ventura.

VERNISSAGE SATURDAY 25 OCTOBER, 2014, 5:00 - 7:00 pm
25 October 2014 till 18 December 2014

Flatland Gallery Amsterdam
Exhibition Space
Lijnbaansgracht 312 - 314
(Gallery Complex around the corner of Vijzelgracht)
Tuesday – Friday, 10 am – 6 pm and by appointment
Saturday: 1 - 6 pm
Untitled ( Zebra ), collage 2007, 17 x 23 cm Frame: 23 x 27 cm

titel / photo book award
datum / 25 Sep 2014
The Arrangement is on the shortlist of the 2014 Aperture photobook award!
"Lesley Martin describes The Arrangement as “a simple, clean book—a deceptively restrained, slight package for a disorienting and seductive body of work.” The publication presents a series of the artist’s collages and images created from the pages of vintage botanical textbooks and gardening guides. In PBR 005, artist and reviewer Penelope Umbrico writes that these images “become defiantly unbalanced hybrid objects that undergo extraordinary metamorphosis from one page to the next.” There is a carefully controlled surrealism to the work; each element and image has been selected and placed with the thoughtfulness of an ikebana master. The book itself is suitably minimalist, the perfect, sunshine-yellow vehicle for a bouquet of Ruth van Beek images."


titel / unseen photo fair
datum / 17 Sep 2014
18 - 21 september
Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

Gallery Ton de Boer
Ellen Mandemaker
Petra Noordkamp
Ruth van Beek

During the fair I am presenting works from The Arrangement, but also new works. Love to see you there!

Ruth van Beek Untitled ( New Arrangements ) collage, 2014

titel / manuals nr2 - dancing figures
datum / 13 Sep 2014
now available at Centerfold-editions,
part two in the ongoing series of manuals.

'Dancing Figures' reproduces photograph crops from a vintage dancing manual, using the book's spine as the formation axis of unexpected combos and impossible dance moves.

Black and white print on 120gsm paper
Stapled, 30 × 12,5 cm, 28 pp.
Edition 100, numbered and signed


you can order it at:

titel / women in clothes
datum / 04 Sep 2014
Very happy to announce that I am part of this great book with a series of collages titled "De Moeders"
Women in Clothes
by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits and Leanne Shapton
associate editor Mary Mann
Forthcoming from Blue Rider Press, Penguin UK, and S. Fischer Verlag September 4, 2014

Through original interviews, conversations, surveys, projects, diagrams and drawings from over six hundred contributors – including Miranda July, Cindy Sherman, Elif Batuman, Mac McClelland, Molly Ringwald, Rachel Kushner, Roxane Gay and Sarah Nicole Prickett – Women in Clothes explores the wide range of motives that inform how women present themselves through clothes, and what style really means.

Ruth van Beek, Untitled ( de moeders )

titel / kunstbeeld
datum / 01 Sep 2014
My work is featured with (5 spreads!) in the dutch magazine Kunstbeeld this month, with an interview by Anna van Leeuwen.

titel / fieldworks - The Hibernators
datum / 01 Aug 2014
Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork, Ireland

Animal habitats in contemporary art,
an exhibition curated by Chris Clarke,

Adam Chodzko, Petra Feriancova, Petrit Halilaj, Ho Rui An, Jochen Lempert,
Flo Maak, Chris Marker, Wesley Meuris, Ciarán Murphy, Vanessa Safavi, Julia Schmid,
Sonia Shiel, and Ruth van Beek.
Ruth van Beek ( installation view, The Hibernators )

Wesley Meuris, Cage for Saimeri boliviensis and Ho Rui An, Incursion (l-r)

titel / fraenkel gallery
datum / 10 Jul 2014

10 Jul 2014 – 23 Aug 2014

Fraenkel Gallery is pleased to present two concurrent exhibitions, curated by Darius Himes. Who Do You Love features 12 unique photographic works by John Gossage. Where There’s Smoke features the work of four contemporary photographers:

Ruth van Beek
Jason Fulford
Michael Lundgren
Viviane Sassen


49 Geary St #450, San Francisco, CA 94108, VS
+1 415-981-2661
installation view

installation view

Ruth van Beek, Untitled ( The Arrangement ) , collage, 2013

titel / spiegelreflexies nr 6
datum / 06 Jul 2014
Op uitnodiging van Extrapool in Nijmegen maakte ik samen met stencildrukkerij Knust een uitgave in de serie Spiegelreflexies.
Deze wordt zondag 6 juli gepresenteerd in Extrapool. Er zal ook een lezing zijn van Niels Coppes, conservator fotografie bij Paleis Het Loo.

Spiegelrefleksies gaat over de bovenmatige fascinatie voor fotografie. In elke editie staan twee fotografen of fotografiekenners centraal wiens zienswijzen overeenstemmen of juist tegenstrijdig zijn. Spiegelrefleksies zijn middagen met uitzonderlijke fototentoonstellingen, beeldvertellingen en live-installaties waarin kunstenaars en fotoverzamelaars het fenomeen fotografie op geheel eigen wijze tot leven wekken. In deze aflevering wordt er een speciale Knustuitgave en een Slimtarra gepubliceerd van fotografe Ruth van Beek. Historicus Niels Coppes geeft een lezing over fotografie.

Zaal open: 15.00 uur
Aanvang programma: 16.00 uur
Soep met brood: 18.00 / 18.30 uur (vrijwillige bijdrage)
Entree: gratis

Tweede walstraat 5
6511 LN Nijmegen

titel / cohen gallery los angeles
datum / 29 May 2014
24/7 (still life)

May 29 - July 12, 2014
Opening Reception
Thursday May 29th 7-9 pm

Our continuous access to images and the reproduction of those images has helped to aid and revise the definition of /and what a still life can be. In the last part of the 20th Century and early 21st Century, the genre has reached beyond the structure of what was once regarded by the art world as the “lowest genre” and moved into an exciting and more thought provoking realm.
24/7 (still life) is a re-imaging of the older structure that dealt heavily with the surface appearance of things. Much of the work in this show is not given over to the former ideal of beauty but instead informed by conceptually driven ideas.

Siri Kaur
Tricia Lawless Murray
Lisa Ohlweiler
Vincent Ramos
Heather Rasmussen
Katie Shapiro
Carly Steward
Ruth Van Beek
David Weldzius

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. and by appointment.

Ruth van Beek, Untitled ( Artefacten ) , collage, 2009

titel / Lentekabinet at foam
datum / 03 Apr 2014
For a festival called Het Lentekabinet, I am making a group of life-size figures in a forrest.
During this pre-event at Foam I showed some of them in a slideshow installation.


titel / The rehearsal
datum / 21 Feb 2014
Kassel, Germany

22.02 bis 21.03.2014

Eröffnung der Ausstellung
21.02.2014 um 19.00 Uhr

Ruth van Beek arbeitet in ihrer künstlerischen Praxis mit den Mitteln der Collage. In der Warte für Kunst wird sie ihre neueste Arbeit ‚The Rehersal’ zeigen. Ausgangsmaterial für ihre teilweise grotesken Bild-Neuerschaffungen sind über die Jahre gesammelte Fotografien - gefunden in alten Gebrauchsanleitungen und Handbüchern - die sie aus ihren selbsterklärenden Kontexten herausreißt, um ihnen in ihren Collagen neue Sinnzusammenhänge zuzuweisen. Dabei werden die anleitenden Bilder selbst zur Anleitung ihres eigenen künstlerischen Arbeitsprozesses. Im Mittelpunkt stehen dabei immer wieder die Hände, die als formgebendes Werkzeug die Bildmaterialien zerteilen, zerschneiden oder zerpflücken um sie dadurch in neue mystische Zusammenhänge zu stellen. Dabei verschwinden nach und nach die eigentlich doch so nüchternen Gesten der Gebrauchsanleitung und machen Platz für ein kurioses Ritual in dem den Objekten auf dem Papier Leben eingehaucht wird und sie Raum schaffen für neue Assoziationen und Geschichten.

Frankfurter Str. 54
34121 Kassel
0049 (0) 163 739 8775

titel / manuals nr 1 - morning ritual
datum / 16 Dec 2013
Super happy to announce the new publication i made in collaboration with Xavier Fernandez Fuentes.
Published by Centerfold Editions.

It is the first in an ongoing series of Manuals. An attempt to showcase the work methodology behind my artist's practice.
'Morning Ritual' serves as the start for this series.

Silkscreened poster, 87 × 60 cm.
Comes in silkscreened cardboard envelope
Edition 40 + 3 APs, numbered and signed
30 euro

centerfold editions

titel / The Age of collage - Berlin
datum / 14 Nov 2013
The Age of Collage
A Group Exhibition of Contemporary Collage
Gestalten Space - Berlin
15 | 11 | 2013 — 05 | 01 | 2014

Opening: Thursday, November 14, 18:00–21:00

With The Age of Collage, Gestalten Space presents its first international group exhibition on contemporary collage since its opening show Cutters Edges in 2011. The featured work of 30 artists reveals the boundless possibilities and diversity of this timeless yet timely artistic technique.

Arising out of cubism, the medium of collage has been used and expanded by Dadaists, futurists, surrealists, and pop artists over the last 100 years—and its evolution continues with unabated enthusiasm. The sampling and copying and pasting so prevalent in our digital age have given collage an even greater impetus today.

In collage, raw visual material is collected and then combined in such a way as to abstract the individual elements enough that the artist’s own vision becomes prominent. Because its references range from other artistic works and techniques to scientific images, pop culture, and erotica, this material and the resulting compositions reflect humanity’s collective visual memory and context.

Gestalten Space
Sophie-Gips-Höfe, Sophienstraße 21, 10178 Berlin
T: +49 (0)30 20 21 58 21 | berlinspace@gestalten.com | www.gestalten.com/space

Opening Hours | Monday–Sunday, 12:00–19:00 | Closed Tuesday

titel / special edition The Arrangement
datum / 14 Nov 2013
This book comes with a unique series of original cut outs from my archive.
Each set has 8 images, all numbered within the frame of the photo. The book and archival images come in a silkscreened archival envelop. Designed by Xavier Fernandez

edition: 25 unique sets
Price: 180 euro

titel / The Hibernators - almost sold out
datum / 04 Oct 2013
...For those of you who would like to buy a copy of my first book The Hibernators, still available are a few copies of the special edition.

It contains a signed copy of the book + an original signed and numbered print: Archival pigment print on fine art paper, 18X18cm.

130 euro

order it with me: info@ruthvanbeek.com
or with RVB BOOKS: www.rvb-books.com

titel / The Arrangement on the internet
datum / 03 Oct 2013
Some great reviews and attention, check out these links:

Willem van Zoetendaal:


40 X 50.com:

Coolhunting - Newyork Art Book Fair:

Photo Book Store UK

titel / Window Atheneum Books Amsterdam
datum / 29 Aug 2013
For two weeks you can see a very colourfull window starring The Arrangement!

Thanks to:
Atheneum books and Petra Noordkamp.

titel / The Age of Collage
datum / 19 Aug 2013
My work is featured in this book:

The Age of Collage
Contemporary Collage in Modern Art

Spontaneous, irreverent, and personal, collage fits more perfectly into our current world than almost any other artistic technique.

Dennis Busch, Robert Klanten, Hendrik Hellige
Release Date:
August 2013
24 × 30 cm
288 pages, full color, hardcover

titel / les rencontres arles photography
datum / 04 Jul 2013
thursday 4th july: 5pm - Dutch focus

Erik Kessels en Ruth van Beek in conversation with Colette Olof


July 1st - 7th 2013
Bourse du travail,
3 rue Parmentier 13200 Arles
the Arrangement - Ruth van Beek

album beauty - Erik Kessels

titel / books + foam
datum / 13 Jun 2013
5 fotografen vertellen over hun nieuwe boek
Met Ruth van Beek, Marnix Goossens, Daan Paans, Martine Stig en Prins de Vos

Op 13 juni organiseert Books &Foam een avondvullend programma rond vijf nieuwe bijzondere fotoboeken van Ruth van Beek, Marnix Goossens, Daan Paans, Martine Stig en Prins de Vos die binnenkort uitkomen of recentelijk zijn verschenen. In interviews vertellen de fotografen over de totstandkoming van hun boeken, de samenwerking met de ontwerpers en andere wetenswaardigheden.
Speciale gast is Peter Delpeut (schrijver en cineast), één van de auteurs in Cauchy Horizons van Martine Stig. Hij zal zijn tekstbijdrage The Black Box voordragen terwijl het boek synchroon als projectie wordt afgespeeld.
Tijdens deze avond vol interviews, presentaties en met een muzikaal intermezzo, staan de volgende publicaties centraal:
Martine Stig, Cauchy Horizons, Kodoji Press (2013)
Ontwerp Vanessa van Dam
Prins de Vos, Enclose, uitgave in eigen beheer (2013)
Ontwerp Teun van der Heijden
Daan Paans, Letters from Utopia, The Eriskay Connection (2013)
Ontwerp Rob van Hoesel
Marnix Goossens, Yonder, Roma Publications (2013)
Ontwerp Remco van Bladel
Ruth van Beek, The Arrangement, RVB Books (2013)
Ontwerp Xavier Fernández Fuentes

Datum: donderdag 13 juni 2013
Aanvang/ontvangst vanaf 19.00 uur
Tijd: 19.30 - 22.30 uur
Locatie: &Foam, Vijzelstraat 78 Amsterdam
Entree: €5 (gratis voor Foam Support-leden)

titel / VK Magazine
datum / 25 May 2013
The Arrangement in VK Magazine

titel / the arrangement
datum / 22 May 2013
My new book The Arrangement is now available at RVB BOOKS !
you can order it online, free shipping: www.rvb-books.com

Format 25X34cm
Soft cover, Buckram linnen jacket
48 pages
28 collages & 13 archive photographs
ISBN 979-10-90306-14-1

Price : 38 €

about the book:
The Arrangement is a group of images Ruth Van Beek made with a collection of books on flower arranging.She has been collecting books on this subject for years, mostly instructional books dating from fifties to the the seventies. They combine colorful stillives of flowerarrangements with the functional photograhphy of a manual.Ruth Van Beek is specialy interested in the translation of the strict rules and symbols of Japanese Ikebana into instructional books for Dutch housewifes.

The Arrangement est une série de visuels créés par l’artiste à partir d’images qu’elle a sélectionnées dans des ouvrages qui enseignent l’arrangement floral. L’artiste collectionne ce type de livres depuis plusieurs années et plus particulièrement ceux datant des années 50 à 70 qu’elle apprécie en raison de leur présentation (désuète) sous la forme de manuels et de l’esthétique très particulière des natures mortes de cette époque (très colorées). Elle s’est intéressée plus précisément à la manière dont les symboles et les règles stricts, propres à l’Ikebana (Art Floral traditionnel Japonais) se sont trouvés modifiés et simplifiés pour être adaptés aux manuels destinés aux femmes aux foyer Hollandaises.

titel / RVB books - Paris
datum / 17 May 2013
A solo show of my work with the series The Arrangement and The Hibernators at the gallery of RVB Books in Paris.

Vernissage / Opening: 17 may 6 pm
18 mai - 29 juin, du mercredi au samedi de 14h a 19h
18 May - 29 june 2013, Wedsnessday to Saturday 2 - 7 pm

RVB BOOKS: 95, rue Julien Lacroix 75020 Paris

installation view The Arrangement at RVB BOOKS Paris.

titel / The Hibernators
datum / 12 May 2013
last copies of my book The Hibernators are still available at RVB BOOKS, order one here:


titel / accidents from the greenhouse
datum / 04 May 2013
Ruth van Beek
Accidents from the Greenhouse
Curated by Francesco Zanot and Selva Barni

Metronom Gallery
Modena - Italy
4/5 tm 29/6 2013

142 Viale G. Amendola
I - 41125 Modena
T/F +39 059 344692

tuesday - saturday 15.00 - 19.00
and by appointment
installation view Accidents from the greenhouse

installation view Accidents from the greenhouse

titel / reframe festival
datum / 12 Apr 2013
The Hibernators can be seen at the Reframe festival in Eindhoven,
Beyond frames. from 12/4 till 21/4

Alexa Meyerman
Batia Suter
Chantal Rens
Cristian Bors & Marius Ritiu
David de Jong
Erik Klein Wolterink
Joan Fontcuberta
Joris Jansen
Kent Rogowski
Kim van Erven
Marc Faasse
Miki Nitadori
Paul Bogaers
Philip Schuette
Remty Elenga
Ruth van Beek
Willem Popelier
Sanja Medic

Temporary Art Centre ( TAC )
open daily from 11.00 - 19.00
Vonderweg 1 Eindhoven
+31 402 461 325
untitled, ( Hibernator ) 2011

titel / british journal of photography, ones to watch 2013
datum / 15 Jan 2013
"The Arrangement" featured in the British journal of Photography. I am in their "Ones to watch 2013" list.
With an interview about my work.

You can read it online here:

titel / athenaeum & van zoetendaal
datum / 14 Dec 2012
On friday 14th of december i am guest at Van Zoetendaal and will talk about The Hibernators and my favorite photobooks.
Here is some more information:

On December 14 and 15, Athenaeum Bookshop will be your host at Van Zoetendaal Gallery. Petra Noordkamp and Willem van Zoetendaal have selected 50 of the most remarkable photo books published in recent years. From 12 am to 7 pm, you are invited to view and buy these books to add to your photo book collection.
On both days, at 1 and 4 pm, you will be able to talk to a photographer or a graphic designer about their own favourite books or about their recent publications.

Special guests and their favourite books:

December 14, at 1 pm : Diana Scherer
December 14, at 4 pm : Ruth van Beek
December 15, at 1 pm : Anouk Kruithof
December 15, at 4 pm : Kummer&Herrman

Van Zoetendaal, Oude Schans 67 f,
Photo: Myne Søe-Pedersen, Book cover #7, 2011

titel / Lodret vandret - the a3 series
datum / 28 Nov 2012
A3 series #3

The final A3, with work by:
Ruth van Beek
Topher Mileski
Letha Wilson

Edition of 300
Risograph prints
ISBN 978-87-994373-8-2
Published by Vandret publications, November 2012

A3 is a series of free poster-booklets that each feature images from what we consider some the worlds most interesting young photography-based visual artists. They are risograph prints in edition of 300, measuring 29.5 x 42 cm (the european paperformat A3). Printed by AML, Paris.

Lodret Vandret
Founded in Copenhagen 2010 by Johan Rosenmunthe and Flemming Ove Bech, Lodret Vandret is a bicephalous initiative showcasing new, lens based art.


titel / extra magazine - the levitators
datum / 30 Oct 2012
Extra Magazine is a magazine published by the Antwerp Photography museum ( BE ).
They asked me to make a new work.

For some time now I have been collecting dog-imagery, from this I made a large series of hovering dogs. Some of them are still recognizable as dogs, but most become creatures of themselves like the Hibernators.

titel / Young in prison
datum / 16 Oct 2012
A small work from the series The Island, was sold in the Young in Prison photography auction at Christies Amsterdam.

About YIP:
Young in Prison offers incarcerated children in developing countries a new chance. These children live under terrible circumstances. After release, they often end up in the same life without perspective as before. Reintegration projects focusing on creativity and sports provide the children with self confidence and a new perspective. Simultaneously we work on sustainable mentality and policy changes, both in the direct environment of the youth and on a political level. This integral approach pays heed to this often forgotten group of children.

The Island, 2012 archival ink on hahnemuhle baryta paper, orange watercolor detail. No edition.

titel / Hector Magazine
datum / 18 Sep 2012
Fashion series "protest" made together with Koen Hauser for UK magazine "Hector".


Koen Hauser & Ruth van Beek, 2012

titel / The island
datum / 26 Jul 2012
Lost property invited me to make a small exhibition in their 1st floor museum. I present the series "the Island", A group of images, details from old books about travelling, are spread around the room, together they suggest the outline of an island.

For this occasion I also made a new work about the island, it's a limited edition postcard with a black dolphin jumping above an island of clay. Available for free during the exhibition.

Lost property
De Leeuw van Vlaanderenstraat 33
1061CR Amsterdam

Thursdays 7pm – midnight
postcard The Island

titel / fruit salad - bronze age editions
datum / 26 Jul 2012
some of my works are featured in the new edition by Bronze age, titled: Fruit Salad.

The publication will be accompanied by a small exhibition at Good Press Gallery in Glasgow, opening 26th of july.

thursday 26th july 2012 6 pm
closing sunday 26th august 2012

Good Press Gallery
12 kings court, Glasgow, G1 5RB


titel / play, collect, construct, fold and display
datum / 12 Jul 2012
A summer exhibition curated by Sarah Carlier and Marleen Sleeuwits at Gallery LhGWR

Ruth van Beek
Femke Dekkers
Adam Jeppesen
Rachel de Joode
Pim Leenen
Stephan Keppel
Anouk Kruithof

Opening: Thursday 12th of july 19 - 22 hrs
Exhibition until the 15th of september
LhGWR stationsweg 137 2515BM Den Haag

titel / dark matter
datum / 21 Apr 2012
Ruth van Beek and Roosmarijn Schoonewelle

Dark Matter

opening saturday 21 april 16 - 18 h at C3 Gallery, Amsterdam

Schoonewelle and Van Beek show new and existing work: a pillar, a podium, a table on which something is shown.· Hands slightly cherish a round shape: is it a hole.., a tunnel.., a ball, an egg, a planet or a potato?· All works bring the visitor into a strang...e world full of apparently cheerful multi-coloured collections.

On the occasion of this exhibition we made a small publication with two images of our work and a text by Richtje Reinsma.

21 april t/m 26 mei
c3 Gallery
Jan Evertsenstraat 335
1061XS Amsterdam

wo-sat 12 - 17 uur


Dark Matter, special edition x20 Signed and numbered spread with a text by Richtje Reinsma. Two fine art prints 20 x 20 cm. Ruth van Beek en Roosmarijn Schoonewelle, 2012

titel / The Arrangement
datum / 01 Apr 2012
An installation of my latest work on flower-arranging in a vitrine in the AMC, the Amsterdam University hospital.

Starting on saturday the 1th of april, i will be bringing "fresh" flowers to the hospital vitrine weekly.
The work can be visited during daytime hours at the department Q, just between the polikliniek and the Bascule.

the arrangement , Ruth van Beek, 2012

titel / it's nice that
datum / 30 Mar 2012
My work in London Magazine "It's Nice That No8", interviewed by Bryony quinn.


titel / the island
datum / 10 Mar 2012
10.03.12 – 05.05.12
Open Call # 1

zaterdag 10.03, 16:00 uur
door Marjan Ruiter, directeur van het Zeeuws Museum in Middelburg

I am showing new work at The Bewaerschole, a beautifull place in Zeeland. My work will be shown together with an installation of Tamara Dees, a black ship upside down in the room.

The Island
A group of images, details from old books about travelling, are spread around the room, together they suggest the outline of an island.


titel / the greenhouse
datum / 04 Mar 2012
Austin (VS) based art magazine Pastelegram invited me to make an image essay on their website www.pastelegram.org

I made a selection of images from my archive, you can click on the images to change them or shuffle the whole collection when pressing "s"

The greenhouse
On the table a set of cuttings from the greenhouse, a small visual rhyme.
A start perhaps, and a peek in my personal wanderings through the hidden world of photography.

titel / printroom
datum / 02 Dec 2011
Aanstaande vrijdag in Printroom, Rotterdam:
Basje Boer en ik praten over ons boekje De man in het huis. Ook met Johann Kauth, Ellen Korth en Salome Schmuki / Dear Reader.
En live muziek!
Van 19.00 tot 22.00.


Schietbaanstraat 17
3014ZV Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)6 18012478

titel / the hibernators
datum / 29 Nov 2011
New publication available at RVB Books, Paris

The Hibernators

44 pages
17 collages
13 black & white photographs
Clothbound soft cover
200 numbered copies
Publication date: November 2011
ISBN : 979-10-90306-07-3
Price : 35 €

published by RVB BOOKS

titel / dead darlings Vl
datum / 10 Sep 2011
A work of mine will be auctioned!

Anonymous art auction as part of the Photography Festival "The Second Act" in Brakke Grond.

Saterday, September 10th, 6pm

Brakke Grond, Nes 45 Amsterdam

titel / the second act
datum / 08 Sep 2011
Time to Meet is happy to invite you to The Second Act: A Festival on Photography Goes Live. The festival investigates the intersections between photography and performance, bringing together over forty artists in a lively program of performances, screenings and discussions, alongside an extensive exhibition throughout the entirety of de Brakke Grond in Amsterdam from 8-11 September 2011.

Opening on Thursday, September 8 at 19:00 in de Brakke Grond, Nes 45, Amsterdam.

Artists: Paulien Barbas (NL), Ruth van Beek (NL), Semâ Bekirovic (NL), Hicham Benohoud (MA/FR), Ohad Ben Shimon (IL/FR/NL), Tomas Boiy (BE), Melanie Bonajo (NL), Axel Braun (DE), Vaast Colson (BE), Dead Darlings (NL), Martine Derks (NL) & Xavier Fernandez Fuentes (ES/NL), Fleur van Dodewaard (NL), Uta Eisenreich (DE/NL), Gian-Reto Gredig (CH) & Goran Galic (CH), Glenn Geerinck (BE), Geert Goiris (BE), Oscar Hugal (BE), Anouk Kruithof (NL/DE), Alwin Lay (RO/DE), G. Leddington (UK/BE), Peter Lemmens (BE), Jonas Lund (SE/NL), Sean Lynch (IE), Christoph Meier (AT), Peter Miller (US/DE) & Vesko Gösel (DE), Not Abel (IE), Paulien Oltheten (NL), Taiyo Onorato (CH) & Nico Krebs (CH), Ria Pacquée (BE), Colin Penno (DE) & Philip Ullrich (DE), Eyal Pinkas (IL/BE/NL), David Price (UK), Ryan Rivadeneyra (US/ES), Jimmy Robert (FR/BE), David Sherry (IE/UK), Anu Vahtra (EE/NL), Ben Van den Berghe (BE), Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven (BE), Benjamin Verdonck (BE), Moritz Wegwerth (DE), Matthias Wollgast (DE)

titel / foam pop in shop
datum / 11 Aug 2011
Op donderdag 11 augustus om 17.00 uur zal in de Foam Pop-in aan het Museumplein de tentoonstelling van de tweede lichting fotografen geopend worden. Kom langs, bekijk het nieuwe werk en drink met ons een drankje.

Deelnemende fotografen aan de tweede lichting zijn:
Ruth van Beek, Henze Boekhout, Fleur van Dodewaard, Marcus Koppen, Anouk Kruithof, Charlott Markus, Awoiska van der Molen, Raimond Wouda.

Foam Pop-in is een tijdelijke locatie waar nieuw werk van fotografen uit de inhouse galerie Foam Editions èn nieuw talent te zien is.

Wanneer: 11 augustus 2011
Waar: Foam Pop-in
Adres: Gabriel Metsustraat 2-6
untitled, ( blue/red ) 2009 archival ink on hahnemuhle baryta paper, mounted on aluminium, framed in custom white frame 48,5 x 61 cm edition 5

titel / p/////akt - amsterdam
datum / 05 Aug 2011
1 augustus 2011 t/m 21 augustus 2011


groepstentoonstelling ex-residenten kunsthuis SYB

locatie: P/////AKT, Zeeburgerpad 53, Amsterdam
opening: 31 juli 2011, 17.00 uur
tentoonstelling: 1 - 21 augustus 2011
openingstijden: do t/m zo 14.00 – 18.00 uur
Kunsthuis SYB bestaat tien jaar en viert feest! Met de groepstentoonstelling '10 jaar SYB’, een publicatie en een uitgebreid activiteitenprogramma verruilt SYB het afgelegen Beetsterzwaag tijdelijk voor het kosmopolitische Amsterdam.
Voor de tentoonstelling vroegen Lotje van Lieshout en Rutger Emmelkamp – leden van de programmeringcommissie van SYB - een aantal eerdere residenten om een “remake” of “re-enactment” te maken van het werk of project dat zij in SYB realiseerden. ‘10 jaar SYB’ zoekt zo naar een vertaling van de ervaringen die de kunstenaar tijdens de residentieperiode heeft opgedaan en die een belangrijke impuls hebben gegeven aan zijn of haar artistieke ontwikkeling.

Deelnemende kunstenaars zijn: Hee-Seung Choi, Siebe de Boer, Deirdre Donoghue, Lieke Snellen, Daan Samson, Marinke Marcelis, Mathilde van Beekhuizen, Sybren Renema en Timmy van Zoelen, Emmeline de Mooij, Erica van Loon, Abner Preis, Ruth van Beek en Basje Boer, Jetske Verhoeven, Nina Wijnmaalen, Katharina Galland, Maartje Korstanje, Gerwin Luijendijk en Kathrin Wolkowicz.

De man in het huis , a book by Basje Boer and Ruth van Beek, 2011

titel / invitation for Lost and found
datum / 08 Jul 2011
I had the honour to design the invitation for the next Lost and Found evening, ( I made 6 different cards with photo's of giant hailstones found online.)

Lost & Found
Friday 8 July 2011
Doors open 20.30, start programme 21.00
Theater Anatomicum, De Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam
cover charge 9 euro

Lost & Found is a night of stray images and sounds. The programme is compiled by Constant
Dullaart and Julia van Mourik from received and selected material.
Made possible by the kind support of Mondriaan Foundation, Waag Society and Robstolk.

titel / Le Garage - Arles
datum / 04 Jul 2011
I made a reissue of the 2007 artistbook "the jungle crashes awake" it will be shown in this exhibition with photography and artist books.

LE GARAGE 9 rue Raillon 13200 Arles 4 - 10 July 2011

Marie Angeletti
Bridgette Ashton & William Teakle
Véronique Besnard
Nicholas Calcott
Stéphanie Cardon
Hannah Darabi
Henriette Desjonquères & Paul Fargues
Adam Etmanski & Idan Hayosh
Dora Fobert
Jason Fulford
Benoît Galibert
Christopher Gianunzio
Charles Klein
Marine Lanier
Frederic Lezmi
Amélie Lucas
Paula McCartney
Chad Muthard
Nina Poppe
Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine
Carly Steinbrunn
Ali Taptik
Elisabeth Tonnard
Mathieu Tremblin
Ruth Van Beek
Ofer Wolberger

9 rue Raillon 13200 Arles
4 - 10 July 2011, 12h-19h

Tuesday, July 5th, 19h


titel / galerie koal, berlijn
datum / 01 Jul 2011
a group show with:
Ruth van Beek, Gregor Gleiwitz, Rebecca Michaelis, Thomas Rentmeister, Hannes Schmidt, Katharina Schucke

opening friday 1-7 19-21h
2 t/m 30 july

Galerie Koal
Tucholskystr. 25
10117 Berlin

Ruth van Beek Le Monde sans soleil / 2009 (image found in the Spaarnestad Photo Archive) Pigmentprint / 32,9 x 48,3 cm

exhibition view gallerie Koal

titel / new studio
datum / 08 Jun 2011
After a week of painting walls and floor, i am currently moving all my stuff to the new studio, located in Wormer, in an old warehouse by the river.
I will be sharing the space with Barbara Guldenaar, she makes beautifull drawings.

Ruth van Beek
Pakhuis Bassein
veerdijk 41
1531 MS Wormer

titel / seelevel summer show
datum / 08 Jun 2011
New, recents and classics of:
Daniëlle van Ark, Ruth van Beek, Kim Boske, Popel Coumou,
Sofie van Dam, Cassander Eeftink Schattenkerk, Eva Gjaltema,
Maarten van Schaik, Astrid Hermes, Sofie Knijff, Koen Hauser,
Annick Ligtermoet, Brígida Mendes, Ann Pettersson, Dirk Kome,
Diana Scherer, Bieke Vanhoutte, Esther Zitman

Tentoonstelling: 18 juni t/m 9 juli
Opening: zaterdag 18 juni 17.00 uur
Locatie: Tweede Kostverlorenkade 69 1053 SB Amsterdam
Openingstijden: don - zat van 13.00 – 17.00 uur en op afspraak
Ruth van Beek, 2009

titel / universals
datum / 16 May 2011
28th may - 12th june
Fringe Arts Bath, visual arts festival, UK

My slideshow "the great blue mountain range" is included in this show about artists and their collections.

A look at the artist as collector.
Photographs and collections, of ideas and of objects.

34 -36 Stall Street, Bath

titel / the ephemera show
datum / 15 Apr 2011
Koen Hauser & Ruth van Beek
22 april t/m 29 mei
gallerie37 Haarlem

Ruth van Beek en Koen Hauser verzamelen beiden fotografisch beeld uit oude boeken. In The Ephemera Show komen hun beider archieven voor het eerst op een bijzondere manier samen. Ruth van Beek richt zich op vormen en texturen in het gevonden materiaal waarbij haar ingrepen in het beeld de oorspronkelijke context losweken van de beeltenis. Koen Hauser gebruikt zijn archief vooral als inspiratiebron om nieuw beeld te maken waarbij werkelijkheid en nagebouwde realiteit door elkaar lopen. In deze tentoonstelling stellen van Beek en Hauser hun autonome werk en hun archieven samen in één grote presentatie waarin de beeldtaal van het fotograferen van kunst- en museumschatten centraal staat.

Groot Heiligland 37
2011 EP Haarlem
E: info@galerie37.nl
W: www.galerie37.nl
T: Work (00-31) 06 537 357 61

donderdag tot en met zondag
12.00 - 17.00 uur of op afspraak.
installation view

titel / Picturing nature
datum / 31 Mar 2011
Soledad senlle Gallery


Emmeline de Mooij
Eleni Kamma
Ruth van Beek

Opening this saturday 2 april
17h - 20h

sloterkade 171 Amsterdam
ma t/m za 11h - 17h

Ruth van Beek, untitled, 2007

titel / interviewed by lucas blalock
datum / 21 Mar 2011
The photography post

titel / Foam magazine nr 26 happy
datum / 15 Mar 2011
I am happy to anounce the publication of my work "Secrets of the wildlife" in Foam magazine. Next to the portfolio, Marc Valli wrote a text about collage and my work.

"...Ruth van Beek's work studies and questions the world of animals and landscapes we would otherwise take for granted.The result reminds us of two-dimensional sculptures with a simple, subtle and abstract visual language. In fact, she doesn't limit herself to creating new meanings out of old images but with every new work she creates a new physical and tactile reality. It is gifted with a confounding directness - a naturalness that is unique among collage artists..."


titel / taste my photons ...
datum / 27 Feb 2011
Taste my photons...
5 maart – 17 april

Ruth van Beek, Wim Bosch, Bert Danckaert, Elspeth Diederix, Eric Jan van de Geer, Michael John Whelan, Sabrina Jung, Astrid Korntheuer and Ingo Mittelstaedt

Noorderlicht is gekend om haar indringende, maatschappelijk bewogen tentoonstellingen. Met Taste my photons... wordt de aandacht verlegd naar het fotografisch medium zelf. In werk van negen fotografen uit binnen- en buitenland is de realiteit zo ingekaderd dat er een kunstmatige en fragiele constructie overblijft. De ogenschijnlijk formele en abstracte beelden geven zich niet snel bloot, maar juist hun gefingeerde afstandelijkheid verleidt tot scherper kijken en ontdekken. Taste my photons... is een pleidooi voor de diepgang van de trage blik. Het is een tegenwicht voor het alledaagse bombardement van beelden, waarin we slechts oppervlakkig kunnen doordringen.

Taste my photons... is samengesteld door gastcurator Wim Bosch in het kader van het Noorderlicht PhotoLab.

Opening zaterdag 5 maart om 17.00 uur door Caroline von Courten, managing editor van Foam Magazine en curator. In aanwezigheid van de fotografen.
Ruth van beek, 2010 Silkscreen 50 x 70 cm

titel / upcoming duo exhibition with koen hauser
datum / 08 Jan 2011
work in progress for a duo exhibition and (self-) publication with Koen Hauser, end of april 2011


titel / juniperus op hardhoofd
datum / 03 Jan 2011
the edition nr 2 Juniperus was shown at the website "hardhoofd" as a christmas wish.


titel / seattle
datum / 15 Dec 2010
work in progress for the upcoming exhibition at Robert Yoder's livingroom gallery in Seattle, januari 2011


titel / Fantom magazine in Miami
datum / 01 Dec 2010

titel / reviews TGBMR at Okay Mountain
datum / 03 Oct 2010
here are some reviews on my show in OkayMountain, Austin V.S.


Ruth van Beek,untitled 2010, installation view at Okay Mountain gallery, Austin, V.S.

titel / the great blue mountain range nr 3 in texas
datum / 18 Sep 2010
september 18 - october 16 2010
opening reception saturday, september 18, 7 - 10pm


Gallery Hours: Wednesday 7-9pm and Saturday 12-5pm
Location: 1312 E Cesar Chavez St. Ste B Austin, Texas 78702


titel /
datum / 13 Aug 2010
titel / Honig breethuis Zaandijk
datum / 24 Jun 2010
groupshow at historical museum-house "Honig Breethuis" in my hometown Zaandijk.
I made two small portrets and a booklet inspired by the complicated costume of women in the 19th century in this area of Holland.
The title of these works is "Kapers", which comes from the name of the "hood" women used to wear to protect there valuable hat and jewellery.
"Kaper" is also the dutch word for hijacker or pirate.

The booklet "nr 1 kapers" is available in edition 20, numbered and signed,
? 7,50

26 juni t/m 5 september

titel / recollecting history
datum / 12 Jun 2010
12 t/m 26 june ACF Amsterdam
An exhibition organised by Seelevel Photo Gallery.
With new works by:

Ruth van Beek
Kim Boske
Koen Hauser
Dirk Kome
Diana Scherer

opening friday the 12th of june at 16.00
ACF Amsterdams Centrum voor de fotografie
Bethanienstraat 39
1012 BZ Amsterdam

Ruth van Beek, 2010

titel / probe
datum / 31 May 2010
"Ruth enhances the world around us, not as a plastic surgeon by smoothing and rounding, but rather the opposite by compressing and adding an edge. She literally cuts out all that is irrelevant, leaving a little boy lovingly holding a cerulean blue abstract shape."

visit the online exhibition at www.projectprobe.net

limited edition silkscreens available at Galery Plaatsmaken.

titel / the great blue mountain range nr 1
datum / 31 May 2010
This work made on the occasion of the exhibition "Use me Abuse me" at the Newyork Photofestival, is now available in a smaller size, piezo print 30 x 40 cm, edition 20 for ? 150.

for more information please email to info@ruthvanbeek.com

Ruth van Beek, 2010

titel / newyork photo festival
datum / 12 May 2010
From 12-16 may i will participate in the exhibition "USE ME ABUSE ME"
curated by Erik Kessels during the NewYork Photofestival.

Use Me, Abuse Me begins with Kessels? a posteriori observation that easy access to photography tools and software results in quicker, more facile modes of image production, consumption and disposal. Perhaps a condition of this state, a plethora of photographers and image-makers are experimenting with pre-existing images and using them within their own work on an unprecedented scale. Photographs are variously collected, reinterpreted, cut, copied, pasted and generally abused.

Erik Kessels? show is about how images and image-making technology influence artists and photographers. Use Me, Abuse Me explores several questions, including: Where will image-making take us? Will all existing photography be endlessly recycled? Will we soon see more photographers taking fewer photographs? How far can we stretch the medium of photography?

Use Me, Abuse Me features work by a new wave of artists and photographers, including Ruth Van Beek, Batia Suter, Paul Kooiker, Lucas Blalock, Linus Bill, Renato Leotta, Gwon Osang, Marcel Gaehler, Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky, Claudia Sola, Asha Schechter, Joachim Schmid, Chantal Rens, Sanja M?dic and Thomas Mailaender.


titel / sugary photographs with tricks, poses and effects
datum / 19 Mar 2010
19 march - 4 april

Hereby I would like to invite you to the Antwerp Photography Festival, Sugary Photographs with Tricks, Poses and Effects.
On the occasion of this festival I worked together with writer Basje Boer on the publication "Souvenir".
You can find our work at the Antwerp Museum for Photography.


Memories and photographs are our souvenirs of past events,
though they distort, stretch and mold what actually happened.
A photograph only tells of a very brief moment, frozen in time.
And childhood memories are fragmented and misshapen,
more like a dream than an actual event.
Our project Souvenir exaggerates the game that photography
and memory play with the truth by creating a new reality.
Souvenir uses the Antwerp Zoo as a perfect example of a
reality within a reality. Ruth van Beek collects and distorts
photographs taken at the Zoo. Basje Boers writings depict
childhood memories of the Zoo.


titel / over schaal en tijd
datum / 07 Mar 2010
7 maart t/m 11 april 2010 Plaatsmaken, Emmastraat 73,
opening: zondag 7 maart om 15:00 door Inge Pollet wie: Maries
Hendriks, Miyuki Okuyama en SuZeMaySho/ Ruth van Beek De tweede
tentoonstelling in Galerie Plaatsmaken gaat over schaal en tijd. De proporties van de dingen om ons heen als ook de tijd waarin wij ons voortbewegen zijn van doorslaggevend belang voor onze ervaring van de wereld.
De uitgenodigde kunstenaars spelen allen op een eigenzinnige
manier met dit gegeven en laten ons zien dat er geen eenduidige
waarheid bestaat over deze thematiek.


titel / _quarterly
datum / 25 Jan 2010

titel / probe
datum / 25 Jan 2010
i am invited by Suze May sho to make an exhibition in the scale 1:4 exhibition space they build in their studio.



titel / artefacten
datum / 29 Oct 2009
Aanstaande zondag 1 november, om 16.00 uur is de opening van mijn tentoonstelling in galerie37 in Haarlem.
Ik zal hier exposeren samen met Stefan Kasper ( tekeningen )

"Geinspireerd door archeologisch onderzoek en opgravingen zocht ik in zowel Spaarnestad archief als in mijn eigen archief,
naar foto's die werkelijk vreemde objecten representeren.
Foto's van objecten, indien uit hun context gehaald, geen aanknopingspunten meer vertonen met wat dan ook."

Tergelegenheid van deze tentoonstelling verschijnt ook een pocket-boek met de titel "Artefacten"
ontwerp: Koen Hauser
edition 350 copies

titel / het huis met de arend
datum / 20 Aug 2009
De komende zes weken verblijf ik samen met basje boer in kunsthuis S.Y.B. in Beesterzwaag.
We werken hier aan een installatie waar vanuit we een boek maken met de titel Het huis met de arend.

artist in residence in Beesterzwaag, Friesland from 19 augustus - 27 september together with Basje Boer.




titel / Context Gallery- Derry, Ireland
datum / 01 Aug 2009
Context Gallery Presents

Paul Butler?s
International Collage Party

24th July ? 21st August 2009

With guest artists:
Rodney LaTourelle (Berlin/Canada)
Louise Witth?ft (Berlin/ Denmark)
Ruth Van Beek (Amsterdam)
Benjamin De Burca (Berlin/Ireland)
Erica Eyres (Glasgow/Canada)

Paul Butler's Collage Party has traveled extensively throughout Canada, and the US where it has served as a kind of litmus test of wide-open participation. Its premise is simple, come hang out, have a beer, bring some materials, or use what's here, sit down and get to work. It intentionally occupies the informal margins of art practice, where the seeds for future projects and collaborations are grown.
Joseph Del Pesco, Artists Space NY

Context Gallery invites all artists and the public to participate in Derry?s Collage Party; a free space for sharing ideas, for material and social experimentation and for all-inclusive participation in a non-hierarchical atmosphere.
During the course of the project there will be various events, screenings and music. Please check out the website for up to date listing of events. Paul and the guest artists will be participating between 24th July and 7th August and the exhibition/project continues to 21st August.


titel / The Moi Non Plus Remixed
datum / 28 May 2009
Voor de nieuwe cd van de nederlandse band The Moi Non Plus maakte ik een "beeld-remix" van hun logo.Aanstaande vrijdag is er een release feestje in de W139 in Amsterdam.

Subbacultcha! presents:
Art vs. Noise
The Moi Non Plus Remixed Launch Party
Vrijdag 29 Mei 2009

Release of The Moi Non Plus Remixed; 60 pages + 9 tracks with visual and musical remixes of the cd by The Moi Non Plus.
Contributions by a.o.. Richard Niessen, Ruth van Beek, Simon Wald-Lasowski, Nicole Martens, Coralie vogelaar, Elza Jo van Reenen, Ruud van der Peijl, Stefanie Gratz, Anouk Kruithof, Aux Raus and About

With live: The Moi Non Plus and Yobkiss
Dj?s: Ruud van der Peijl, FNNNN and The No

Gallerie W139
Warmoesstraat 139 | Amsterdam | 20:00 | Free

titel / kunsthuis S.Y.B.
datum / 27 May 2009
Deze zomer ga ik samen met schrijfster en beeldend kunstenaar Basje Boer zes weken werken in Kunsthuis S.Y.B. in Beetsterzwaag.

Tijdens deze artist-in-residence zullen we werken aan een gezamelijk project met beeld en tekst.


basje boer
kunsthuis S.Y.B.

titel / work in progress
datum / 07 Apr 2009
Eindelijk aan de slag in mijn nieuwe atelier.

titel / Wunderblume
datum / 21 Feb 2009
A new series of prints, available from 21 februari at www.seelevel.nl.

Seelevel Selection One
Datum openingsexpositie: 21 februari 2009
Tijd: voorbezichtiging vanaf 16.00 uur, opening: vanaf 19.00 uur
Locatie: Pretoriusstraat 73, 1092 GC, Amsterdam

21 februari tot en met 27 april 2009

donderdag 13.00 - 20.00 uur
vrijdag en zaterdag 13.00 - 17.00 uur
en op afspraak

Wunderblume #3

titel / dead darlings, anonymous art auction
datum / 21 Feb 2009
Few die a natural death, some are executed in cold blood, others are smothered and drowned by love and some wither from neglect.

We've all done it: we are all guilty of killing our darlings.

February 21 2009

Mediamatic Bank
Vijzelstraat 72, Amsterdam

Viewing starts at 5 PM
Auction starts at 7 PM

Starting prices below 50 Euros

The entrance is free and payment is cash only!

After party with great cocktails and DJ Jess the Lezz , Koen and Andre.

titel / merry christmas
datum / 24 Dec 2008
kerstvis, collage, december 2008

titel / nrc focus
datum / 26 Nov 2008
Voor dit nieuwe kwartaalblad van nrc heb ik drie collages gemaakt.
Het zijn look a likes van de oude man van de "ziggo" reclame.

titel / anonymous
datum / 29 Oct 2008
(In dit boek vol anoniem gemaakte foto's is ook een collage van mijn hand te vinden.)

ANONYMOUS by Ewoudt Boonstra
Color, 170 x 225 mm, 40 pages, soft cover,
edition of 500, ISBN 978-90-70478-18-6

The people in this book somehow made the most mundane
photographs disturbing; scratching, tearing or photoshopping
lovers and friends from their lives. After many pages of all kinds
of people disguised for whatever reason, one thing maybe worth
wondering is the extent to which we are all anonymous.


titel / edges and areas
datum / 29 Oct 2008
collages by Ruth van Beek en Paul Butler

The Moser Performing Arts Center Gallery


titel / Beek als Bron
datum / 13 Sep 2008
"Unieke kunstmanifestatie in Beverwijk

In het weekend van 13 en 14 september 2008 vindt er in Beverwijk (Noord-Holland) een kleine en unieke kunstmanifestatie plaats op en rond een paradijselijke plek die Beverwijk nog rijk is: de Scheijbeeck.

De manifestatie bestaat uit een korte kunstwandeling van ca. 2 km. Landelijk bekende kunstenaars als Fiona de Bell, Jan Dietvorst, Florentijn Hofman, Lambert Kamps, Birthe Leemeijer, Regula Maria Muller, P? Okx, Sander Rood, Johan Rumpt, Roy Villevoye, Tine van Wel, Ruth van Beek, Kaj ter Borgh, Stefan Kasper, Cees Krijnen/V.J. Fratsemacher en Ellen de Vries begeleiden met hun werk de bezoekers op hun pad. Zij beantwoorden de vraag of er - los van het verleden - ook nieuwe oases denkbaar zijn.

Wie deze kunstwandeling maakt, ervaart een sprookjesachtig avontuur dat overdag, maar ook ?s avonds en ?s nachts kan worden beleefd. De manifestatie duurt ??n etmaal. Licht, geluid, grote objecten en strooiwerk leiden de nieuwsgierige wandelaar langs de beek."

Kunstmanifestatie Beek als Bron: 13 september van 16.00 uur tot 14 september 16.00 uur. Start: huize Scheijbeeck, Velserweg 2, Beverwijk. (nabij Station Beverwijk)
stilleven met peren, 2008

titel / veldwerk
datum / 06 Sep 2008
VELDWERK, LANDVERKENNERS 6 september t/m 5 oktober
openingstijden binnenlokaties: za en zo van 10.00 tot 18.00

Sinds 2001 vindt onder verschillende thema's
een kunst- en poezieroute plaats in de Schaalsmeerderpolder bij Oost-Knollendam.
Op uitnodiging van Veldwerk laten kunstenaars en dichters zich inspireren
door dit oeroude veenlandschap.
Het resultaat zal op verassende wijze op onverwachte locaties in het water en de weilanden,
in de boerderijen en schuurtjes in de Schaalsmeerderpolder te zien zijn.

Ik heb een installatie met zebra's gemaakt, in een weiland aan de slootkant.

Hierbij nodig ik iedereen uit voor de opening op zaterdag 6 september
omstreeks 13.00 bij de Poelboerderij, Veerdijk 106, Wormer

simon maakte deze foto, papa en mama in actie bij de opbouw van veldwerk.

het resultaat...

titel / atelier malkovich
datum / 25 Aug 2008
sander bouwde deze zomer twee weken aan een van de ateliers halve schaal van atelier malkovich op de nieuwe meren,

Architectuur en Kunstmanifestatie
Data: 23 augustus tot 28 september 2008
Locatie: Kunstenaarscomplex Nieuw en Meer in Amsterdam, Oude Haagseweg 51 aan het Nieuwe Meer
Opening: 23 augustus, 18h ? 22h (in verband met projecties)
Openingstijden: vanaf 24 augustus iedere woe ?! zon van 15h ? 22h
Opening door Wytze Patijn, Decaan Bouwkunde TU Delft met hapjes, drankjes en diverse optredens

De tentoonstelling Atelier Malkovich presenteert de resultaten van een prijsvraag aan architectenbureaus, architectuuropleidingen, kunstenaars en vormgevers: `Ontwerp een vernieuwend en functioneel ateliergebouw dat voldoet aan de gewijzigde werksituatie van de hedendaagse kunstenaar'De prijsvraag leverde een groot aantal inzendingen op waarvan acht ontwerpen door een vakjury werden uitgekozen om daadwerkelijk voor de manifestatie te worden gebouwd. Zij zijn nu te zien in een excentrieke maatvoering in een schaal van 1 op 2; nog steeds een gebouw maar eveneens een maquette, half symbool en half functioneel kunstobject.
Plaats van handeling voor Atelier Malkovich is het voorterrein van Kunstenaarscomplex Nieuw en Meer; een weiland met een oppervlak van ca. 7000 m2. Tegelijkertijd zullen! hier i.v.m. het lustrum 20 jaar Nieuw en Meer, tijdens Atelier Malkovich, tal van andere activiteiten plaats vinden: kortstondige kunstpresentaties, lezingen en feesten."
website Atelier-Malkovic
foto:Thomas Lenden

titel / workshop ter voorkoming van vreselijke schoolfoto
datum / 25 Aug 2008
vorige week woensdag heb ik voor het eerst een hele middag voor de klas gestaan. Ik heb een workshop gegeven aan leerlingen van het Bertrand Russell College in Krommenie. We hebben een alternatieve klassefoto gemaakt, waarop iedereen anoniem gemaakt was met elkaars gezichten.
het eindresultaat, de klassefoto.

druk aan het werk...